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Blue World CD Final -July 2019-300 dpi-L
These 12 songs will take you to different places as you travel from the quietness of space in Across the Quiet Universe, passing through a sunny, quiet Sunday in Fantasia II, to the Gateway of Korinthia, where you will be drawn to dance to its contagious beat.

“Solo piano is becoming more and more popular these days, since it is perfect as background music in almost any context."

In this collection from the Eversound label, Kokhe shares “Tomorrow Is Never Promised."

“It is a gorgeous piece with a thought-provoking atmosphere. Life is fragile, and nothing is certain. The sad melody adds dark colors to the compilation. No yin without the yang. It is a very wise song. Get ready to be amazed by keys of incredible beauty!”

Follow Y Heart cover _200.jpg
On his debut album, Kokhe offers a rainbow of melodies, ranging from ambient to heartfelt songs of love and passion. Throughout there is a spirituality present that is core to the healing intent of this music.
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