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Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico , Jorge (aka Kokhe) began playing the piano

at a very early age. He started on a piano his grandfather brought from England, and

spent the following years studying classical piano. In his teen years, Jorge

abandoned his classical studies, and began playing popular songs by ear. Later,

he realized that he was training his ears for creating his future original compositions.

Around the same time, he discovered New Age music and immediately fell in love

with the genre – one which he would soon make his own. 

In his early 30’s, Jorge decided to buy his first keyboard and began composing his first original pieces of music. 

A few years later, Jorge moved to Los Angeles and met Rob Whitesides-Woo, co-founder of Serenity Music.

Through the Serenity label, Kokhe released his first solo album, “Follow Your Heart," recorded at his own

home studio. A few years passed before he returned to composing again, and in 2014 he started writing music for a future release.Looking for someone to master his new material, Jorge contacted composer John Adorney, who introduced him to the EverSound label. EverSound soon signed him on for the release of his second album, “Blue World."

"I have always been so grateful for having this gift of music. And I like to call it a gift because it was given to me.

Like a lot of artists out there, I am a self-taught composer and I feel so fortunate to be able to speak this universal language that has the capability to reach out and touch anyone and everyone, anywhere in this blue planet we live in, despite borders, distance, language or beliefs.

I hope my music will touch your heart and soul and bring peace to your mind in this fast-pace world we live in."



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